Wish I Was There ...... Islamorada Florida


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Aug 25, 2010
S W France
Hi Christina

looks great - We are off "to the sun", (Southern Hemisphere), in just over two weeks for a month - same place as last year

been pretty miserable all over Europe for the past two months, (even the birds have stayed under cover!)

"The Heads" - Knysna

Nikon V1 - with 10 - 30mm kit - ISO 200 1/1250 at f7.1

Below - Nikon D300 with Sigma 10 - 20mm - ISO 200 1/3200 at f5.6 - at 20mm, (really about 30mm because of DX sensor) - I actually got the metering, (spot), and f stop wrong as it was in a custom set up for birds, (and a different lens) - but it turned out OK after a little shadow work in LR
One day earlier than above, (11th Jan) - also 1500hrs above versus 11am below - so not really fair


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