Wish Me Luck


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Haven't been posting much of anywhere of late, had a busy summer.

Nevertheless, my urbex class is going to have an exhibit. There's 21 possible pictures and 30 possible people to show. So -- not sure if I'll get in or not, but I'd really like to. Wish me luck!

We had a really looooong session last week where we looked at 8-10 photos from each and every one of us, so I have a good sense of what people saw.

I think my crowning glory is this piece, taken with my M8. It is, shall we say, quite different from the other pieces. For a show, sometimes that's a problem, but not for this one, I don't think.

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L1004552 by Deirdre Saoirse Moen, on Flickr

I also submitted this piece and this piece.

For anyone curious, here's the entire class's photos. All 701 of them. Some of my favorites: rusty nail, portal, cell lines squared, abstractlights, and apocalypse.


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BTW, I really owe this forum and mu-43.com for this honor -- I wouldn't really have tried Nik Color Efex Pro without the sponsorship contest over on mu-43. I used only Aperture and Nik Color Efex Pro's Saturation Stylizer to get the final image.