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Herman, you need to be more specific than that! Just saying Fujifilm and Nikon doesn't suffice!

On my list, and not necessarily in the most lust to least lust order:

- Leica M10
- Leica X2
- Olympus OMD-EM5
- Fuji XPro1
- Sony NEX7
- Panasonic GH3
- Canon 5DMk3
- Nikon D4


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If I could afford it, it would be NEX 7 for me.

More realistic approach is a second-hand NEX 5N with a clip-on viewfinder.
(Writing this down made me realize that it would be more than enough:))

If dreams are allowed, I would also love an X100 (used is OK) and just a couple of hours with XPRO1 and 35mm:biggrin:


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The two current cameras that would appeal to me are the X-pro1 and the NEX-7, but neither have the set of lenses I would require to make the investment worthwhile (a fast 35mm equivalent + 100-135mm equivalent). And I'm curious about what Leica will announce, but have no hope I'll be able to afford it. The only camera I'll be looking forward to this year will probably be a Panasonic GX2 or whatever it's called: if it has a good quality integrated EVF, and a new sensor, then it's something I'll consider buying. But the most likely scenario is that my X100 will continue to be my camera of choice until 2013.


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Leica M3 with Summicron 50mm Dual Range/goggles setup. And a hot shoe light meter. Can't afford though. I also miss the GRDIV I sent back, really like that pocketable camera, it just didn't have zoom and I needed that at the time. Also liked the X10 from Fuji but I think I will work with all that I have, sort out what I no longer need/want and maybe if I get close, I can get.. something.


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I think I'd like the Canon G1X, and also the Fuji X10 (and the XPro if it had a diopter adjuster, but it doesnt so I wont). Apart from those, possibly the Fuji XS-1. and other than that... more lenses for my K-5.


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I've tried a lot of the newer cameras and none of them really grab me or seem like any great improvement. I'm feeding my GAS with old gear and will wait until a Fuji X200 gets announced a couple years from now.

Feeding GAS with old gear.. I like that. Flea market today!! Hehe


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I'm actually keeping my GAS in check for the time being! I'm really proud :biggrin:

My preferred kit these days is the Nikon D5100 with 40mm micro for "serious shooting" and the Panasonic LX5 for when I either want to travel light or the 40mm lens just isn't going to do what I want.

I could see a couple of things tempting me to buy though:
The Sigma DP1m and DP2m if they're as good as expected.
An Olympus E-PM2 with the E-M5 sensor :love:
A small wide-angle DX prime for the D5100, 16 or 18mm preferably (I could accept 19mm if Sigma decides to make a Nikon version of the new 19mm lens).


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I guess as long as we're going with dream camera, I'll take the Fuji X-Pro1 with the caveat that they make some breakthrough superzoom attachment...something along the line of a 28-300 equivalent. I know physics is going against it, but I'm willing to make some sacrifices to quality for compactness and will allow software correction and other tweaking to make it work.

What I really want is one camera eventually......but I don't want to jerk around with a dozen different lenses. What I want is one awesome fast lens in the normal range and an outrageously wide ranging zoom (and I'm willing to accept a dip in quality to make it happen).

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