Wishlist camera May 2012

What I really want is one camera eventually......but I don't want to jerk around with a dozen different lenses.

I want one camera too but I want three ultra fast prime lenses - one equivalent wide, one equivalent standard 50mm, and one equivalent tele.

At least APS-H sensor size although I could live with an APS-C.

Must have full manual video.

High ISO.

This is probably asking too much for 2012 cameras. The Fujifilm X-Pro1 comes so close to this, it just doesn't do full manual video, that's all I want in the X-Pro1 to make it near perfect, full manual video.
Seems you're looking for the perfect bridge camera :)

Yes and no..... for 80% of my photography, I use the normal range and would like an f1.4 for subject isolation....and a bridge cam will never go that wide...it would just have to be too enormous.....I understand that.

But I also want a big sensor, so current bridge cams aren't cutting it.
After feeling a little let down with my Ricoh GRD IV not being quite the leap forward from the GRD 3 I expected I'm now wary of getting the latest and greatest and would sooner stay a gen or 2 behind before purchasing new gear. I liked the Panasonic GF1 I bought recently but it feels a bit awkward to use for shooting from the hip. So yesterday I ordered a new GF3 body. Couldn't resist it for a mere £100 (allowing for £50 cashback offer).
Heather I downloaded that for free last year on one of the share sites - not sure if you can do that anymore ( a survey recently said that 60% of people who have adobe photoshop never paid for it !!!
Hmm, I find myself lusting after the new OM-D E-M5, but it will have to take its place in line behind a K5 which has nearly dropped to the point where Im willing to splash out on one.
Im weird though, Im the only person on here that has never, not even for a second wanted a Fuji x100, x10 or whatever else they have at the moment

\Ducks head and prepares to be ostracised by the community\
count yourself lucky Martin. They are not for everyone. Have you ever held one? I'm addicted to the X100....My brand new OMD sits in it's box.....it just doesn't beg me to use it like the X100. And I thought the X10 was a cute little toy until I felt it and used it. Wow, so small, but with a nice heft and nice feeling controls, too.

Everyone that shoots a K5 loves it, so you'll likely be plenty happy, too.
Yeah, I did, and it felt good with a nice build quality, liked the controls, but just didn't grab me..
Its a subjective thing as I really fell for the K5, despite reservations about the grip for my left hand...
Glad to hear you love yours though.
I think I'll wait and see if Fuji release an X200. Otherwise, my X10 and NX100 are serving me pretty well, although neither of them are exactly pocketable, so I have to admit I've been eyeing off a GRD IV lately...