I started off with film. Learned on compact RFs like the Konica Auto S3 and the Olympus 35RC (still have them) I was an early adopter of digital (Olympus D-500L). I LOVED that camera...


...and sometimes I really miss it. I went through a series of DSLR's (Olympus, Canon and Nikon). I worked as a product photographer and shot a ton of photos of ugly products made in China. It was not fun work but it got me through college and I learned a lot. Fast forward to now. I still do photography as a hobby.

I have built up a nice little Olympus EPL-1 with some great lenses (both native and legacy). I have an LX3 and a couple of Fuji P&S as well as a Panasonic ZS3 on it's way yet of all the digital gear I've had (or have) that first Olympus is my all time favorite. I'm usually not sentimental about gear. As far as I'm concerned it's just stuff, but I sure do miss that camera some days...all 850K pixels worth.


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Beauty Dixeyx!!! Makes me think i might chat with my mate who wants to sell his C-8080 to me.

One thing about that Oly you had there...is it just me or is it styled on the following:



LOL Stillhunter...I never thought of that before but it DOES look a bit sinister at that. Must be why I opted to eject it into space rather than sell it. You know in some ways digital camera design back in the day was pretty interesting. Remember this...


or this...

Also very cool looking. I unfortunately had no feelings for these (in fact I distinctly remember not liking them image wise). BTW, I always thought the C-8080 was really cool. It also had a GREAT lens.

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