Wonderful site...same guy's/gal's?


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I can't help but be happy and notice the familiar faces from the m4/3 site.
Is this the same site in new form?
I'm loving my G1, 14-45, 45-200, and 20/1.7...wonderful gear. It was Amin's report on the 20 that swung me to m4/3's...thanks, Amin, I have not regretted the switch from my previous Olympus 4/3's gear for an instant; just love the smallness of these cams.
Now comes along the X100; looks so much like the Olympus SP and RC film cameras that I bought on eBay and tried to love last year, but just couldn't go back to film!! Loved their form factor and viewfinders though and now we have what looks like their digital cousin...YEA!!! Can't wait to get one.
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Angus, welcome. I've slimmed down so I'm mainly m43 now, so I spend most of my time at mu-43, but this is a great friendly crowd over here, and a lot of X100 experts (which is frankly one reason I don't spend as much time here -- I can't afford to be enticed!). Great group here, though, and very knowledgeable. Enjoy!

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