Words/No Words or W/NW image threads: what does that mean?


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Jul 7, 2010
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Giving credit to who credit is due, I must offer my thanks to Brian, one of our members, because it was he who first introduced me to the Words/No Words concept. As a matter of fact, I'm going let Brian describe of what the theory is behind these types of threads, by quoting him.:flowers_2:

The W/NW threads are not for critique of images. Post a follow-up image and let it speak for itself, and to inspire- rather than giving advice on how you would have done the image. W/NW threads typically are open to all types of camera formats, even in semi-dedicated sites such as this one.

W/NW threads were popular on photo.net, going back a long time. I first started participating in ~2002. Several Photography sites have set up W/NW forums. Rangefinderforum.com has an active W/NW forum.

Just to add- many times you get a Photo that you want to show, and on a site with a W/NW forum- often an existing thread is there to place it in. Otherwise, many "one-Photo" threads come, and sink into the abyss within a week. The W/NW threads bring the old posts back to the surface.

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