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I wish there were a menu setting to fix the focal length at 35mm equivalent or 50mm equivalent and render the zoom toggle inactive. That way I could have a 35mm prime one week and a 50mm prime the next.

Amin, you can essentially do what you want, except disable the toggle. Firstly, set the camera to your "base" preferred settings (say, aperture priority, lens wide open, whatever DR and picture style you like, AF, metering, lens FL etc), and then save it to memory bank 1. Now, always start by shooting from memory bank 1, and the camera will always start at that focal length, with those settings. You are in whatever mode you choose (aperture priority in my example above), and can do whatever you would normally do in A mode.

If you regularly use S mode on this camera as I do to set the lowest shutter speed indoors, or float the flastest shutter/widest aperture outdoors, you can then assign S to the other two memories in that fashion, and float between all 3. In each case, your chosen FL will always be used, unless you manually change the FL.

I actually shoot with the lens ring as a zoom, because it has FL labeled (instead of just "1.3x" etc). I'm a prime shooter, and I love to be able to choose a FL on a compact, instead of interpolating the zoom ratio. In the roughly 1500 frames I've taken with the camera, I've never used the zoom rocker, on purpose or on accident. So I think the method laid out above for you would work quite well; you would be free to reassign the lens ring to whatever function you like, and you likely wouldn't accidentally bump off your chosen FL.

As to whether I would buy a fixed lens RX100, yes, I absolutely would. I'm a longtime 50mm shooter, and have shot a Leica with 50 quite happily for some time now. I could absolutely enjoy 50. I can live with any lens from 28-50 as my one and only and get photos that please me in any circumstance. Contrary to some opinions I'd love to see a fast longer FL in this camera; I think a 50/1.4 even would provide surprisingly good subject isolation. No, not razor thin DoF, but thin enough to do some really neat things.

If this camera comes out at photokina, I will preorder. I've been so happy with the RX100 as is that my XPro1 and Leica are collecting dust. It's that good!


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Somewhere around 32mm would be nice. It depends how much thicker the body would be though. I would not go past the dimensions of the Lumix LX5 which I regard as the limit to still be classed as an Advanced Compact Camera (I do not think the LX7 is such and most of the Canon G series or the X10) and I would still not pay that much for it. I would pay the same as the RX100 but not more (if I could afford the RX100 that is!)


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No. Personally, if its going to be a fixed lens camera, it has to be a zoom. I'd like something larger with a faster telephoto end and sharper all around lens.
Haha for me 28mm is an awkward focal length, in between 24-and-wider (proper wide angle) and 35mm (wide-ish and very versatile)...

I agree. I tend to do a lot of shooting between ff equivalents of 15mm and 24mm, I use a 35mm as a standard and find a 1.5x cropped 50mm (75mm) just too short for portrait work, preferring 60 to 70mm minimum on a 1.5x crop.

I have some reservations about close portrait work with a 45mm 2x crop as you get too much distortion due to the actual focal length (which is why the 75mm f/1.8 is on my wish list). A lot of has to do with personal preference and if you only have one lens, you can adapt your shooting to some degree.


IMHO, the GF3 or GF5 with 20/1.7 is pretty close.

So I'd probably go for the GF5 over this RX50.

My typical m4/3 carry bag is a waist pouch with the 14/2.5 and 45/1.8 thrown in. The G3, I cross sling on me.
Otherwise, the lenses go into whatever space I have in the bag of the day.
It really takes up not much space at all.


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Definitely. But I preferred a 40mm equivalent focal length (a slight trade off between dof control and versatility) and it should have at least the option to use an external OVF.

I'd also prefer 40mm, but would probably still buy 50mm.

An external OVF with an info overlay would be a nice touch. Just don't charge $250 for it.


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May be I would buy one as a second compact camera, because it's very attractive, but my first compact camera would be a zoom camera. Having this one and a RX100, one in each pocket would be very nice. However, for a combined use a slightly tele prime lens would better suit my needs, given that the RX100 already has a reasonably fast wideangle lens.


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Another statement from my contact: the new fixed-lens compact from Sony will have a new type of sensor, something different from the Bayer systems they've been using. Also, it should be in stores well before X'mas.


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the camera discussed in this thread is, so far, a fictional camera; Amin (SC owner) was just asking us what we would think about a camera like this. So far, Sony hasn't announced that it will produce one, but we can hope :)


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I've read this thread since the beginning but I just realized I've never posted. (I know the anticipation must be killing you all.) Sure, I'd buy this if it were in my price range. I usually prefer a 50 to a 35, and my Lumix 14 (mu43) sits idle most of the time. I like viewfinders, but I've learned to work without. I expect that as out generation dies off the VF will become even more rare, especially if they have an easy way to do a diopter correction for the LCD.


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Note: This camera does not exist. But I wish it did.

-18.3mm (50mm equivalent) f/1.2 optically stabilized prime lens
-Similar size to RX100 (slightly thicker).
-Same sensor, AF, display as RX100
-$650 street price

Let's call it the RX50.

Would you buy it?

surely love to buy this camera but i think its outdated now a days . the most important thing is what is the price fixed for this camera and from whom to contact for purchasing it???

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