Fuji Wow it is quiet in here. So I thought I would stir the pot. Returned my x10.....

For a new one! My camera had dust in the lens assembly and I found some in the OVF too. I figured that I spent $600 on a new camera, I would want to have a clean copy. I also had an issue with the camera locking up every once in a while. Since I love the image quality and want to keep the x10, I was able to return the camera and get a new one. I even opted for a three year accident warranty to show my commitment to this fine camera. While I am dissapointed in the dust issue, my hope is that I just got a bad copy. The new x10 is dust free and works like a charm. Let's hope that all is well.


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Good for you....you had me going for a minute there!

I'm glad you were able to return it for a new one, dbarnette. I've been using mine in the Single in January project and have to say that I've grown even more fond of my own.

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