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Good Morning,

When I purchased my Leica M I also purchased the Leica handgrip with the Leica Large Finger Loops.

These accessories help me hold my camera steady. On the right side of my camera is where the finger loop and grip is. Now with the Leica strap on it catches my finger loop and the strap is in the way!
I would like to use a new “Tap&Dye-L E G A C Y leather camera wrist strap - Horween Chromexcel | Hand stitched” . This wrist strap will still catch on the shutter side of my camera. Has anyone used a wrist strap on the left side of their Leica?

Thank you.

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Hi Judd,

I haven't but shouldn't be an issue if you don't mind using the camera "left-handed." In other words, your left hand holds the camera while your right hand works the controls.