Wrist Straps


Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL
I use the optech CAM strap. I don't think they sell the non-QD version anymore, however, it actually has a thicker/wider webbing at the attachment point than the QD version.


Sep 23, 2010
Liverpool / UK

I never used one with my film cameras.... but I do find its a MUST with my digital's... If one doesn't come in the box as an included accessory, I immediately attach one.


Jul 9, 2010
Almost essential for compacts if carrying in the hand for any length of time I find, I use a Gordy as shown here, good quality and fair price. I went for the O ring as I thought is offered more security but I'm sure the string is fine especially on smaller lighter cameras.


Sep 25, 2010
BC, Canada
I have used Gordy's straps for years on all of my cameras.

The string is very strong, I used to have a video I took of my swinging my a700 (with a grip and CZ 135mm f1.8) around and around . The string is strong period.

With my smaller cameras I just use a simple little Olympus wrist strap with a cinch, anything else is overkill in my opinion...

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