Fuji X-E2: still a good buy?


May 2, 2017
The latest firmware basically makes it an xe2s. I still prefer the xe1 in some ways, but the Electronic shutter and improved autofocus is nice.


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Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
I actually prefer the xe2 over the XPro2.
Ergonomically. I’ve never liked the focus point changing lever. I find it uncomfortable and to easily knocked. Prefer to use the four way pad. It’s just as quick. The xe2 is also a lot lighter obviously. Might not be weather sealed but still extremely well built. Can’t comment on the zoom as I’ve never had one (soon will though)
I am tempted to join you with another xe2. I’m finding the xt1 a bit of a struggle. The central vf. Although really great size wise , I prefer the rangefinder design.

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