Fuji X-H2S random issue with capture time.


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Across the weekend I was using my X-T3 with 16-55 and the X-H2S with 50-140 and 1.4X TC to shoot a football (soccer) match. The X-T3 was for pre match and post match closer work and the X-H2S was for longer pre-match shots and game shots. When I uploaded the images back home I found that the shots from the X-H2S before kick off were all reporting having been shot an hour earlier than they actually were. The kick off and first series were shown at 13:00 instead of 14:00. That seemed to be the case for the whole of the first half then when the camera was switched off at half time and back on again for the second half - it had gone back to the correct capture time. All the shots on the X-T3 were reporting the correct capture time. I therefore knew it wasn't a Lightroom import issue. Also, I shoot 2 memory cards on the X-H2S and they were both showing the identical problem so a camera issue rather than a card issue.
Does anyone else have issues like this and if so, how did you fix it? Both cameras have the time and date correctly set.

That's the only logical thing I can think of Ad - but why it specifically chose half time I have no idea. Daylight saving time was set correctly on both cameras though.