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Just wanted to drop in some props for the X-E1 / X-PRO1 book. It's up on iBooks now and I bought it this morning. Well worth the price and I've already picked up some very useful tips. Nice work.


Is the iBook or Kindle version exactly the same as the paper? I ask because I've seen many "dumbed down" ebooks, especially when the paper version has many photos and graphics.


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But are the ebooks exactly the same as the prints?

I don't know the answer but the eBook does have some photos and at least in the iBooks version has hot links in the book to his full samples so you can bring them up to examine then switch back to the text.

But I would say that the photos you NEED are in the book already and you only link out to things that wouldn't be much good in a print book. From that standpoint I think the eBook has an advantage.

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