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I found this quote about the X10 particularly interesting, as it seems a lot of enthusiasts do just what Rico is suggesting wouldn't be done:

you can also use it in HR mode to get full-size 12 MP output, but why would you buy an EXR camera in the first place if you weren’t interested in its unique features, such as hardware-based DR expansion, or pixel binning to reduce noise and artifacts under low light?

If I were making a choice between the X10 and X20 with no prior experience I'd likely be swayed by the benefits of the 20 to spend the extra money. But as a happy X10 owner, who much prefers just shooting JPEGs, it's seems pretty tough to rationalize an upgrade path here.


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As a non-EXR user, I am very happy with my X10. I am going to start treating Fuji product releases like I do those of other manufacturers and skip a model each time rather than grab each new incremental improvement as it comes out. The logic is simple. My X10 works exactly as well as it did the day before the X20 was announced, and will continue to do so until the X30 arrives - and possibly beyond that...

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Interesting. This may have sealed my decision to keep my X10.

Does 't this paragraph summarize it brilliantly: "Should X10 users upgrade to the X20? It depends! If you are happy shooting JPEGs with only 6 MP image resolution and very good hardware-based dynamic range expansion, the X10 could very well remain your favorite P&S camera, even though you can’t extract the same amount of detail from its EXR sensor that the X-Trans sensor (without an AA filter) will offer you. If you are into larger files, more resolution and fine detail, the X20 will give you just that, plus an external RAW conversion workflow that will actually supersede the quality of the camera’s JPEGs. Also, if you never fully understood how to master EXR in the first place, the X20 offers you a more conventional approach"
(Quote from fujirumors.com).

Rico adds that LR and aperture are better capable processing X20 raw files than X10 raw files.

I like his advice to shoot ETTR and DR200 max with the X20.


PS: I will probably opt for upgrading the X10 to X20 and use the X20 until the X-PRO2 is widely available!


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I think it's the X10 for the time being although there's a lot to like about the X20.

Correct me somebody please but the resolution of an X-Trans Sensor is surely not as good as the resolution from a Bayer Sensor without AA Filter.
To my mind the pixels of each colour do seem a further apart compared to the Bayer Layout ; that must affect resolution in much the same way as the EXR sensor at 12mps.


I've tried the EXR modes on my X10 on multiple occasions as well as the "Advanced" filter modes that come with the latest firmware (toy camera, miniature, high key, etc.) but I personally never thought the results were better than what I can do shooting RAW 12mp mode and editing in Photoshop.

That comparison actually makes me want the X20 less than I did before. Even when I shoot under direct sunlight I always use the LCD to compose my shots and not the OVF so the improved OVF isn't something I care about. I'm only considering the "possibility" of upgrading to the X20 if the image quality is better ... but even "pixel peeping" and I can barely see any difference between those shots from the X10 and the X20.

In fact, when I look at the comparison shots of the "brick path next to the river" I actually like the X10 shot MORE than the X20. I'm not saying the X10 is the better camera ... I'm saying this comparison makes it looks like the X10 and X20 are so close in terms of their "real world output" that you can use either and it won't make a significant difference.

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Obviously, major reasons to upgrade from an X10 to an X20 are faster/better handling and AF, the much improved optical viewfinder and of course a real 12 MP sensor with superior resolution, decent noise and a good external RAW workflow in Lightroom/ACR and Silkypix. Of you don't need that, why spend the extra money? The X10 didn't become a "bad camera" over night. It just became a very good camera that is now available at bargain prices, thanks to the new X20.

Btw, I tested the "shutter mash" trick today, and it seems to work with the X20:


DSCF0270 - "AF trick" by ricopress, on Flickr

Here's a ISO 3200 sample:


DSCF0277 - ISO 3200 Lightroom 4.4RC by ricopress, on Flickr

I do like the grain-like noise one can achieve with Lightroom and the X20.

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