Fuji X Pro handgrip ?


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Taylor, Texas
Does anyone here have this? If so do you like it? I'm sure I have some loose coins lodged between the sofa cushions Fuji has gotten yet.......

The caveats that I've seen written about it wouldn't bother me. I've never needed to change the battery or card while I'm using the camera. Even if I did, I can't imagine that it would be a life altering experience. I'm mainly curious if the "grip" part of it is good/functional.

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Yeah, I think it is. I have one and I have a thumbs up also and I don't like using both at once. Either/or but not both. And I slightly prefer the thumbs up without the grip than the other way around. If you decide you want one, I'll sell you mine at a discount since I'm not using it.



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I'm still getting used to the camera, but so far prefer it with the grip. Like Ray I have the Thumbs Up too, and agree that they are not ideal together.

Overall, I think it's worth it, and I suggest you take Ray up on his offer I buy when somewhere with a good return policy.

As for the battery change complaint: put simply, it's not ideal. But, it has never hindered me at all. I've never been n a rush when changing, and the grip comes off easily. In my view a lot of the whining about this comes from reviewers who point out that it's not ideal and name it as a big flaw. For me, in real world use, it's not an issue.


I also have one and love it. Just gives me a more secure grip for my long fingers. I'm never in a hurry to change the battery and I've never used up the memory card to a point where it's needed changing, but as mentioned above it's so simple to remove and replace, for me it's well worth the extra effort. My biggest problem is that I bought third party batteries and they don't hold a charge for as long as the originals, so I'm having to change them more often. I have a couple of Fuji batteries on the way next week to replace the knock offs.
I think you'll like the grip and if not, just return it.


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Phoenix Gonzales
I know Phoenix has one and loves it.

Yup! I usually walk around carrying my camera in hand with a wrist strap, the handgrip provides a secure and natural way of carrying the camera, I also dislike using the thumbs up accessory with the handgrip as it makes the camera awkward to carry and operate. As for the battery change, Yes, it is not ideal, but like Pelao it has not hindered me as well, I find changing the battery so much faster than loading film when I was shooting film, removing the handgrip and changing the battery takes me around 5-8 seconds if that.


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Same for me, as the others. The camera feels better in my hand with the grip (and i have small hands).
And the battery changes is less a big deal with the grip, than with the fuji case, that took more time to remove.
In fact, i find the finish of the bottom plate more elegant with the grip (and the tripod mount is in the centre of the camera).


i am looking at the really right stuff L bracket for my X Pro 1 (it includes a handgrip as well as the L Bracket (it is removable). But it depends on your shooting style. I tend to use a tripod a lot.