Fuji X Pro review after 8000 shots

Good review, I can't argue with anything he's said really. I did feel the XP1 was a firmware update or two away from being perfect and I'm sure with the improvements we've seen on the X100 that they will come.

But for me the OM-D fitted my needs better for now... that said I will keep a close eye on the XP1 and its development and the IQ is incredible.


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I could be tempted to pickup another XP1 with the 35mm and use it alongside my OMD, although in the long run would need to get rid of one of them!

I thought I was going in that direction when I started using my XP1 (admittedly the XP1 is getting more attention from me these days) however there are still situations where I need some of the NEX's unique functions which has led me to keep both cameras. I think in the end I just really like both cameras :biggrin:
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