X-Pro1 & XF35/1.4: Mercado do Bolhão and a Trip Into Porto Town

Adam Bonn

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Adam Bonn
Just some snaps from my trip into town!


The Stairs into the Market!


Stuff. In bags. For Sale.


Pork based produce and sausages isn't just a Spanish thing!


A Mountain of Cherries!


Frankly.... It's all tat!


In prep for today's São João (23/6) celebrations


Church of Saint Ildefonso


The tourist Tram... (Still a nice, if a little pricey, way to get to Foz though!)

I guess that's your lot!

I really do enjoy using the X-Pro1 for this sort of work... I'm not in a hurry, I can take my time... The camera is pretty unobtrusive and I enjoy working with the files when I get home!

So still no X-Pro2 on my horizon!! Never say never though, I didn't think I'd get a X-T1 - until I did :)

Thanks for looking!
Thank you very much Amin,

This is true of a lot of places no doubt... But I don't run out of things to photograph here, that's for sure!
Lovely photos and a superb combo to shoot with, the X-Pro series in my opinion do tend to slow down the photographic process and for me after years of using analogue rangefinders they make me consider my images a lot more carefully.
Thanks Ian, Porto's so photogenic that really, I just point the camera at things...

I know what you mean about the RF mentality though... I haven't picked up my X-T1 for WEEKS.. probably time to flip it, for.... Hmmmm well the head says glass... but I am quite curious about the XP2...