Fuji X-Pro2 - my first impressions


Sunny Frimley
I got mine from Wex last week, took a few pics with the 35/2 and put it away until I had more time. Today I used my ZM50 1.5 using the Fuji adapter and pretty quickly found two problems for me..... the image isn't stabilised in any way and so my shaky right arm played havoc with focussing. Secondly the focus magnify wheel is very soft and requires me to move my grip slightly to reach it enough to give it a good press. I need to decide if it's just going to be a walk around 35mm camera that takes great jpegs and is a light and pleasant to use or whether it seems rather expensive in that case!


Cotswolds, UK
Bill I am sure you are enjoying the camera though and even though I don't have the 35 f2 (still have the 35 f1.4 which is superfast on the X-pro2) I am sure like the original testers you are loving it. It does seem quieter than the X-pro1 and the focus is faaaaaaast.
I am looking forward to doing some serious work with it but my first images are on my blog for interested parties - 571 Photography

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