Fuji Showcase X-S1 sample images


Mar 24, 2014
Some of my photos from Southern India

Using the X-S1

Cormorants near Srirangapatna

Driving through Bandipur National Park

Crested serpent eagle at Nagarahole National Park



Mar 24, 2014
I had not fully learned to operate the X-S1 when i took it to India
And only later had realised i could increase the colour by using the vivid option and the high colour


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Jan 7, 2015
Thank you Shivakumar for sharing. I echo your sentiments regarding the image "feel", and camera ergonomics of the X-S1. I have come to appreciate its build quality whilst cycling, hiking, and taking photos in dusty and rainy conditions (to a lesser extent).

I'm glad I didn't opt for a bridge camera with even more reach, or for a DSLR.

The X-S1 has many, many, many shortcomings. But: if you know about them, you can work to get around them. The IQ won't ever be even close to perfect, but sometimes the camera surprises me. The photos are VERY often good enough.

This is not an action camera, but I've gotten many surprisingly satisfying action shots with it, by improving my technique and using burst ...

I think small sensor cameras will keep getting better and better (here I punt my Nokia 808 Pureview again).


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Apr 1, 2015
Shivakumar Selvaraj
Hi there,
Same person as 'Shivakumar'
Just logged in through FB
Just came back from Sri Lanka and have sold the X-A1!
The X-S1 simply proved to be the superior all round camera on safari
No matter how hard i tried, i simply could not work with the X-A1 in those outdoor dusty conditions, despite its superior image quality to the X-S1
Images coming soon

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