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Here is a test shot I did yesterday after unboxing. Shot with X-T1 and 55-200. Bit of cropping and some Lightroom fiddling.


This one was a test with some strobes, testing to confirm the trigger would work at max sync speed.
(the pictured X Pro 1 is for sale to help justify the X T-1)


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Hi fuji shooters ;)

Single AF is the best i have ever seen on any camera. Its precise and fast.

The continuous AF on the XT1 is great, I doubt any new owner will be disappointed, though that doesn't mean the camera is ready for pro sports / wildlife photography.

Anyway, i find it puzzling that i cant pick my favorite speeds at least for CL. At 3fps its too slow for my style of people photography (i prefer 4fps) and i usually like my CH set at 6fps. At the moment i haven't found a way to set this, so if its possible please someone let me know! If I'm right and Fuji have no option on this, then i sincerely hope a firmware update can fix this soon.

I would also like to say to any newcomers to the XT1, that continuous shooting is a bit weird if you are used to a DSLR. When you half press the shutter release the viewfinder gets a bit fuzzy. Dont wait for the screen to get in focus, just press the shutter. You will then notice that all shots are focusing as you shoot!

I shot this sequence last week under overcast conditions. I haven't incuses every frame, just every second frame. All in focus. I will have more info soon on my blog

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