Fuji X-T1 Red Peaking on B&W Film Simulation



I made the following video comparing two implementations of red peaking on B&W composition. The Fuji implementation is lacking, in my opinion. I have found that one of the best AF units on the planet is the photographer, as long as the brain has the necessary information!

I filled out the form to communicate this to Fuji HQ, but I'm wondering if there is any way you can bring more attention to the subject at Fuji?


Of course a related subject is the "feel" of MF dials, which I hope Fuji will (continue to?) focus on... no pun intended. :)

Thanks, and of course I am also interested in your thoughts on the subject!

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I don't shoot in native B/W but that's a good thought.

I use focus peaking a lot in my urbex work. I did a shoot recently in totally dark basement rooms with people modeling and had to use a flashlight to light them and prefocus with focus peaking, followed by turning off the flashlight and firing the shutter with radio controlled strobes for the main lighting. I love focus peaking even Fuji's lol.

Here's one of the shots. You can't see your hand in front of your face without a light so manual focus using peaking was a real benefit.

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Hm, I typically get red peaking, but I never used it in B&W, so far. Also, I always combine peaking with the magnifier tool. Magnified, the red is clearly visible to me. I wonder how the stronger Sony reds would look fully magnified?

I've just tested my X-E2 with Red/High peaking in Monochrome mode, and it looks just as usable to me as the Sony example in the video – in all three available magnifications.


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On Sony A99 the piking level is always the same regardless of the zoom mode (full picture view or zoomed). This is much more useful, because when you magnify you get even finer focusing as the peaking is more precise.
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