Fuji X-T3 shutter issue


I get an awful gradient cast on some of my photos.

I've had it now a dozen times or so when I shoot in CL or burst low. AF-C. Shutter is set to E-Front + Mechanical + Electronic.
I've noticed it it happens when the shutter is around 1/6000th to 1/8000th of a second.

It's very annoying and I don't know why it's happening.

Here are some examples: Is my camera malfunctioning or am I missing something?


I don't think the metering is at fault as the there can be other photos in a series that are lit properly have the same EV and look fine. There was nothing in front of the lens, and it has happened with different lenses too..

That setting he is referring to is basically Fuji’s way of saying that the camera is being put in charge of which type of shutter to use depending on shooting condition and need.

It will use electronic first curtain shutter below certain shutter speed, then mechanical up through 1/8000, then electronic shutter above that.

There are other shutter combination options but this is the the one the OP is choosing to use. I use this one as well as it keeps me from having to menu dive to set them when I need.

As far as the gradient, it does indeed look very much like a slow or sticky shutter that is dragging at the end of the exposure.

I’d try shooting in mechanical shutter only in the same conditions as a test and see if the same thing occurs. If it does , you can be relatively certain that is the cause.

I’ve not heard of a wide spread issue, and like I mentioned earlier, I shot my XT3 and do shoot my current XT4 with the same setting you do and have not experienced this phenomenon.

If it does persist and shows itself in your tests, contact with Fuji support may be in order.
I did some wall tests out in the sun (to make sure lighting or flickering wasn't causing it) and yeah I think it's a a sticky shutter problem. Only when using burst and in mechanical shutter mode (>1/6000th) does it happen. It's sadly quite consistent.
This is really bad time for this to happen as I was planning to offload the XT-3 for the XT-4 soon. I think shutter count is maybe at 30k now, so it's quite early for this. And I never go out in the rain.

I wonder how much repair will cost me.

Thanks so much for helping out tho!