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I received an Email from DC Camera regarding the X-T4.

Join Us for
an Online First Look of the new
Fuji X-T4

TOMORROW - April 28th at 3pm (Eastern Time)

"Fuji Technical Specialist John Haggerty will host this online presentation about the new X-T4 camera via Zoom meeting. Follow the link below to join. John will be going over the X-T4 specs/details and have live shots of the camera. Afterward he will open up for questions you may have. The event will last about 35-40 minutes. We hope you can join us! "

There was a Zoom link, login ID, and Password in the Email.
I will forward via Email or copy it into a response to a Private Message if anyone is interested. If I get a lot of request, I'll copy to this Thread and delete after the meeting is over. I bought my Nikon Df from the camera shop- and this was a mass mailing to those on the list.


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DPR review. 88%, Gold Award. It looks like a great camera, but nothing that really tempts me away from my XH1. I got the latter as a wild discount so I'd lose a lot selling the XH1 and buying the XT4.

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I like IBIS since i'm a little shaky in my old age. I've only heard it referenced to Video use. I'm assuming it works with regular shooting too? I don't make videos.
Yes, it works for stills images too. To me, that's the main benefit over the X-T3. But I dislike the fully articulating screen so much that I'd rather have the X-H1 with its bigger heft and older sensor

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