Leica X1 on location


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BBW very kindly asked me to post me this image here. This is a multi-image panoramic stitch taken on the Leica X1.

More details here:-
Soundimageplus: Cameras for landscape.


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Thanks so much for this David. Last night I had the chance to look and see what you'd been up to by initially looking at your Flickr stream...and then I clicked on your blog to find out more and I was not disappointed! This small size photo doesn't do the image justice, so I urge people to click on it but also to read David's blog in which he describes the situation, the scene and what else was going on. I found David's blog entries interesting, very helpful - and inspiring. Take a look yourselves!

Many thanks, David!


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Hi David, thanks for this great pano. How many pictures are used for stitching, which stitching software package?


This one was 5 images. I usually overlap quite a lot to help the stitching. I used photomerge in Photoshop. This was in CS3 because thats all my laptop can cope with.


Thank you for your kind comments as ever.
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