Fuji X10....O.K. I'm in


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Jan 21, 2011
Houston, TX
Fail on my part with no pictures taken. I've spent the day making sand pies, climbing jungle jims, playing restaurant, and going for a walk. I'm an exhausted but happy grandpa with no pics but pockets full of sand and tomorrow's another day...:yahoo:
That's not a fail - that's an A+ in grandfathering! Priceless mental pictures that will last two lifetimes.:friends:


Feb 7, 2012
Roseburg, Oregon
Thanks Chuck, you're absolutely right. It's days like today that make me happy to be alive and see the innocence and joy of life through a three year old girl's perspective.
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Feb 3, 2012
Bremer Valley, Australia
Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

Jules, I didn't know all your shots for the May Prompts were with the wee X10. I Have even more respect for that camera now, but I;m quite sure your eye has a lot to do with it.
Luke, there's a few that were shot with the NX100, but yes, most are from the X10. The challenge really has made me appreciate how great that little camera is.

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