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Hi Ray, acc to Fujifilm Holland we may expect the X10 Jan/Feb 2012 in The Netherlands (due to production issue(s) ).
My simple question is: where will the X10 be available early Nov?


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Not sure if Andy and the folks at Park cameras would sing their praises as loudly :tomato2:

Of course! Hey I've bought from Harrisons and Park Cameras so I'd trust both as long established real brick and mortar photo shops. I've only visited Harrisons though:)
I suppose I should also add Mathers of Bolton as another reliable source although I don't see the X10 on their website yet.


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Thank you, David!! Here is a link that, if used, will help Serious Compacts*, since Adorama is one of our affiliates: 16190089 Fujifilm Finepix X10 Digital Camera, 12 Megapixels,28 - 112mm F2-2.8 Lens:th_salute:

*The above link contains our affiliate code. Your price is unaffected, and a referral fee (2-4% of your purchase) is paid to us by the retailer. Please note: For us to get credit for the referral, you must click our link prior to placing any items in your "shopping cart". Thanks for supporting SeriousCompacts.com!
BB - you are welcome. I'm typically not an Adorama shopper but thought perhaps those that do use them might find their pre-order status being back available helpful.
'Hope the weather down your way is as nice as it is up here in the NEK.
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You beat me, BB. I just ordered one from Amazon. We have "Prime" so overnight shipping was very affordable. They are saying it will be available on November 7th. Very definitive with the arrival date. Interesting.
O.K., so now the quest for da' hood begins. :cool:
. . . David
I picked one up the other day for my wife. Not a bad little camera... and ISO 1600 is half decent too. Its not he X100 from an IQ point of view, but beats every other compact I have used to date.

For any Melbourne people out there... I got mine from Michaels for $639 including an 8gb "super fast" SD card. Teds Cameras also have stock, but at $699.
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