Fuji X10 Raw download


Feb 7, 2012
Hi guys!
Does anyone know where to download some raw files of the x10? Or maybe someone of you can upload them?
I need various conditions shots like iso 100-400-1600 and some with dr400 at iso 100...as our member sardoniconic said is the best setting!
I'd like to test all the camera possibilities.
Thanks a lot!


I think he also uses the 6 MP EXR files
That is correct. Iso100/dr400 combination is only possible in 6mp mode. However, that setting is jpeg only.

I do have some raw files but not available online. i will check during the next few days if I can make them available.


It's not. 90% of my X10 riding RAWs are EXR DR RAWs, like in ISO 100/DR400%.
i should not do this when I have a headache, I guess. The 6mp/iso100/dr400 was even described as setting for raw shooters! My apologies.

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