Fuji X100 at night

I wanted to get a sunrise, but was way way early so I got some night shots. The sunrise was a waste of time. Post processing only in PS5 (a bit of sharpening), and I am now shooting jpg... I'm very happy with how Fuji is managing the jpg output.

The night train

Old Restored/Repurposed Warehouse.

Newcastle Beach a long time before sunup.
Handheld shots? X100 is pretty impressive. Even though I am a big RAW guy, I've used JPG a lot with the X100.
Thanks for the comment, Armanius. I normally shoot RAW when I can, because usually, the in camera conversion is rubbish. Fuji has finally got it right. After the first few RAW conversions I realised that the jpgs were pretty much what I might have chosen in any case.