Fuji X100 DR setting?


Hi all,

Just got my X100 (I will be doing a little photo essay/review thingy tomorrow) and I had a question:

I'm shooting jpeg exclusively and wanted to know if "Auto DR" is the way to go. I've shot quite a few and it seems to be good, but I don't know if the effect wouldn't be better replicated in Lightroom without the ISO increase.

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you should be able to figure it out...
I find that auto DR works really well BUT you pretty much either need to also leave it in auto ISO as well because the DR is a function of pushing the processing in combination with bumping the ISO. For example, I believe when the camera chooses 400% DR it also needs to bump the ISO to 800. I shoot in auto ISO and DR a lot and then just make adjustments with aperture and/or shutter speed. The exception is when I'm doing street shooting and using zone focus - then I often want to manually adjust the ISO to maintain an adequate shutter speed along with a small enough aperture for the needed DOF.



Okay, so is it basically overexposing and then bringing down the highlights? My basic question is if LR4 can do the same thing with better results.....


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Then why the higher iso? Wouldn't it want a lower iso for an under exposure?

No, you need a higher ISO to make the camera underexpose. In DR, the camera will amplify the RAW one or two ISO stops lower, though, in order to achieve that. Other cameras do the same (like Nikon or Sony), but they won't tell you the truth, still claiming a lower ISO value, hence neglecting the change in shadow and midtone grading that effectively results in more noise that will equal a higher ISO amplification.

Of course, Sony and Nikon are both using Apical's Iridix engine, which is a "black box" solution. Very proprietary. Apical had some fun to read white papers on their website before they decided to go all NSA and remove everything that could help understand outsiders what they are actually doing. They even removed their list of clients (mostly well-known camera and cell phone makers).