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Finally took the plunge and got myself a 2nd hand X100 after months of hesitation. Initial personal impressions about the AF is that it is still pretty decent, compared to normal P&S and entry-leve DSLRs. More later when I take more pics with the camera.






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Push the command dial while in manual mode to zoom into the focus area, for a fine focus, even while using the OVF.

I got my X100 yesterday and I find the camera unbelievable! I read a lot of negative reviews on the camera as well, and I was at a complete loss as to how people could actually have anything negative to say about this beautiful piece of equipment. Then I realized that most complaints are from people who shoot with large chunky DSLRs and expect the same performance from this camera (mostly the AF in low light). Well hell, I'm upgrading from an LX5 and this camera is pure witchery to me!


I love mine, even with it's quirkiness. I've had many SLR's and DSLR"s, but none of them satisfied like the x100 does. It begs to be taken out and used, unlike any other camera I've ever owned. Such great picture quality in such a small package! Congrats! You're gonna love it!


Thanks everyone for the congrats and tips and tricks. So far, the high ISO images are one of the cleanest I have seen coming out of such a small portable body. More to come as I explore more with this beauty.

The AFL/AEL button AF trick is cool and works great! Thanks!


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Nice set of first images and I like the abstract feel to these images.

Unfortuntaely, you will always read negative posts from people about any camera - quite a few are also posted by people who have "Tried" but not purchased and slate the camera.

Camera purchase for me is a personal thing and I tend to wait following release and then read user reviews from genuine owners rather than the armchair critics that are ever more abundant on forums these days.

I purchased my X100 last Dec after doing my research, looking at images from users and going into shops to handle / try the camera, once satisfied I took the plunge and purchased and have not been dissapointed it does what it says on the box and offers me a small / light / tactile / retro style camera with incredible IQ that exceeds my recently departed Leica M8.2.

I find the AF is ok for my street work and the occasional times when it struggles to focus are no different than those I have experienced with other cameras so on that note, let me congratulate you on your purchase, welcome you to the fold and wish you many years of happy shooting with a superb small well built high quality camera and do not be too influenced by what others say, it is your camera so use it as you see fit.

Some of mine below - 4000ISO better than anything my Leica could have done!




Cotswolds, UK
Hey Iansky! Your landscapes posted on this forum were one of the reason I went ahead and bought this camera. Just wanted to let you know :)

Wow Bold,

Thank you, that is a compliment indeed.

I just hope you are as pleased with yours as I am with mine - money well spent and even if you do experience the dreaded stick blades, Fuji UK are renowned for turning the camera repair around very quickly.

Good luck - shoot and enjoy and I look forwards to seeing your images on here soon:wink:

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