Fuji X100 for landscape


Feb 1, 2014
Hi !
Is it possible to use x100 with 23 mm lens for landscape exposure ?

I have alredy ask about using 14 mm for landscape. I understand that is awesome lens, but it is very expensive - about 1100 $ for new. Voightlander 15 mm is very rare lens.

Used x100 cost appr. 600 $.



Dec 27, 2013
Just in case ... one thing I used to do a lot when I was travelling with nothing but a 35 or 42mm equiv. lens or my old Canon Ixus (min. 36mm) were stitched panoramas.


Feb 13, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
I don't see any issue with using an X100 for landscapes provided you're ok with the focal length. Typically I would go for something either wider (to include more of the landscape) or much longer (to compress the perspective) than a 35mm equivalent, but 35mm is perfectly usable.


New Member
Dec 27, 2013
Wider is not always better for landscape, it depends on what type of landscape you shoot. You always have option of panaroma if you want to include more.

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