Fuji X100 Goes To Peru & Machu Picchu


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I've never been happier for this camera's relatively small, compact form. It was on a backpack chest strap 100% of the time I was hiking and walking around towns, meaning I was able to grab and shoot very easily. Everyone else brought either cheap compacts or a big DSLR and suffered for it one way or another. At any rate, here are some of the jpg's I liked the best.

Hotel view, Cusco

Dinner after dusk, Cusco. You'd never know it was dark out.

Temple of the Sun, Cusco

Local Girl

Evening Entertainment, Salkantay Pass Trail


such colour ... light ...

I did the Inca Trail in 1996 and don't have a single photo to show for it any more :frown:

I only vaguely remember Bar Kamikaze in Cusco, thanks to Pisco Sour, but I still have a beautiful Alpaca blanket I bought in San Blas
That tears it. Everybody is talking about Peru. There's also a Peru thread on mu-43. I haven't been back there in a couple of years. I have nothing better to do next week. Why not? Any decent flea markets to shop for legacy glass?


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amazing shots, I bet your daughter will be super happy with the Llama / MP shot when she's older! the More of MP shot is wonderful too!


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Brilliant travelogue, thanks so much for sharing these pics. I like the idea of attaching the camera to the chest strap of the rucksack - I bet all the DSLR crew were green with envy!

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