Fuji X100 in that there London


Sue, if I may steel your sentence and slightly modify it: "Every time I see a bunch of nice shots like this, I regret just having sold my X100." To my excuse, I did it with the intention to free up funds for the new Fuji coming in spring 2012.
Love the photos - we, the wife and I, have been discussing buying either the X100, or the X10, but couldn't make up our minds, so we bought each a NEX-5N (we had the K-5s before that).

Nice collection of cameras, indeed! I have the XZ-1, and the K-5, as mentioned, but not the rest! My NEX-5N is pretty nice, as is my old C-8080, of course (under the right circumstances)! And I have the Sony DSC-HX9V, another little marvel (as long as it is light enough).