Fuji X100 Low Light Test - Edinburgh


Apr 22, 2011


Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
X100 super for Low light

:Nice set of images and they clearly demonstrate the ability of the X100 to take superb low light images.

The IQ at all light levels coupled with the tactile controls, retro styling, OVF/EVF and lack of gimmicks were the main factors that attracted me to this camera so much so that it replaced my Leica M8.2 and has already more than justified the move.

My first low ISO tests proved amazing as they were at 3200 and handheld and way above anything I had hoped for so again, congratulations on a great purchase that does what it says on the box.

2 images at 3200 - handheld:



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Nov 12, 2010
Nice, I really like the colours in the first! Second has a beautiful sky too!
When I see the low light capabilities of this camera I'd love to get one but I simply can't justify it at the moment...


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Impressive, indeed, chrism_scotland - and it really pays to click on those photos to see them in their larger sizes. :2thumbs:

Ian, I remember those two...and I can say for myself that I, too, have been amazed at the low light capabilities of this camera. Now I need to get it out and photograph with it.:wink:

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