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Hi Rico, First of all thanks for all the work and knowledge you have done for this community. I've been using the X100 without any issues for about 6 months until yesterday. I was wandering around town taking random flower shots and it was quite windy. Since I wasn't doing anything real critical I decided to go full auto macro including flash. This is where I noticed a decided difference in my results. BTW I was shooting jpeg's. The results seemed to show what I guess everyone calls "smearing". Was that a result of my settings? As I've never used the auto setting, that was my feeling. It's not a big deal since I've never shot that way, but I was curious. What do you think? Thanks in advance.



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I think posting an image might help in analyzing what happened. Do you know which apertures the camera used? In macro, wide apertures can give very soft results.


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I think what you're seeing here is a problem with clipping of the red channel as opposed to any smearing. This is something nearly all cameras have a problem with. It can be managed to a degree by underexposing the image a bit to retail detail in the reds and/or lowering the saturation of the red channel in post (assuming you shot the image in RAW).

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