Fuji X100 or X100s, that is the question


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To get an X100, or an X100s, that is the question:
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The lack of an Xtrans sensor in the old mother X100,
Or to embrace the higher resolution of the newborn X100s,
And by opposing end them: to be in eternal doubt.

Well, excuse me for my horrible poetry ;)
I hope to become a Fuji X photographer soon and forget the quirks of the modern cameras.
I currently shoot with a Sony Nex-5n mirrorless and not so very often with an old Pentax K-X DSLR. While I'm astonished by the wonderful image quality of my Nex, I struggle with the lack of manual controls even if I shoot mostly with old manual focus lenses.
I just want a camera that you turn on and shoot concentrating just on the three old parameters, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, without fiddling with stiff or lose wheels or diving into needlessly complicated menus. If it delivers great quality images is a great plus, of course and if it has a flash hot shoe even more and if an OVF/EVF is integrated... well, that's great.
I always thought the X100 could be my perfect camera for everyday use but a couple of weeks ago the X100s was announced with its great Xtrans sensor with the promise of even better image quality and an updated image processor for faster overall performances.
Even if I'm aware the X100 would see its price fall after the release of its modern sister I cannot make up my mind.

I ask you Fuji X photographers, mainly X100 owners and users, what you would do if you had to choose the X100 (now or after the X100s release) or the X100s ?


Sooner or later this year Adobe will update ACR to support the X100S. Unless there is an unforeseen problem with the X100S, the improvements in the X100S over the X100 look pretty solid. In my mind the only reasons to buy the X100 now are:

1) You need a camera now and can't wait for the X100S
2) Your budget is limited and you can afford a gently used X100 but not a new X100S.


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The X100 has been out long enough that all the flaws, bugs and foibles are well known, current users are getting great shots and know how to work with the foibles. The X100s has some major advancements but it is not out there in the wild so we don't know what flaws, bugs and foibles it will have.

If you can wait 6 or 8 months for the X100s to settle in then choose that. If you want a similar camera now, at half the price that produces great results go for the X100

This goes for the X10/X20


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If you insist on a LR/ACR workflow, get the X100. If not, opt for the X100S.
I use LR, indeed. But as JJJPhoto said, Raw processors are very frequently updated nowadays, so I don't think this is a major stop for me.
I think it's a simple time/money matter. I just saw I can get a used but still in warranty X100 for 400-500€ or a brand new one for 800€. The X100s announced price is 1300$ dollars and if it has similar success as its older sister it won't go down in price so much in 7-8 months.


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I have been planning on getting the X100 for a while now, but since the X100s was announced, I have decided to wait for it. Otherwise (knowing myself as I do) if I get the X100 I'll always be wondering how much better the X100s might have been.

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