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Sep 19, 2012
Hi All

Got my spanking x100 yesterday in the post and had a little play with it this morning...I am not a professional photographer and have limited knowledge.

In MF with the view mode set to eye sensor, there are the HUD type displays but not an image showing what the lens shows. so focusing actions are not seen unless i take away from eye and look at lcd? THe view where the lcd is off always has the same result? Can i preview focus and DOF thru the VF?


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Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Welcome Luke (from another Luke) to the forum and the wonderful X100. Ray is correct. You won't be able to see focus or DOF through the optical viewfinder.....it's just a piece of glass, you need to switch it to the EVF with that cool switch on the front.



Oct 1, 2011
London, England
When in the OVF and using MF you just press the command wheel (top right) with your thumb to get a magnified view to enable more precise focussing.

If you set the AFL/AEL button from the wrench (spanner) menu i.e. AE/AF lock mode = S, AE/AF Lock button = AE-L, Focus Check = ON, then when in MF you just press the AFL/AEL button to automatically snap the focus to the subject and then you can manually adjust if required.

If you aren't bothered with a magnified view then Ray's suggestion is the easiest, but I still recommend the AFL/AEL button anyway.

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