Fuji X100 Screen Protector


I bought the 3" GGS Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector. The cost was $4.58 at amazon ant it fits good.
no issues so far, woks even when my polarized glasses are on.

Amazon.com: GGS Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector 3" for Digital Cameras: Camera & Photo


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How are those screen protectors holding up? May I ask what makes you go for the 'hard' type over the thinner, flexible ones?

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I've been battling with the 'plastic films' for some time now - not only do they offer minimal protection but they suffer my inability to cut four straight and perpendicular lines. :blush:

Just ordered the same ACMAXX screen a few days ago Don. Looking forward to it's arrival as I hear great things....and the screen is starting to show signs of wear from rubbing against my jacket zipper.

A shame you can't seem to easily just replace the rear screen, cheaply, like on the dSLR. Though I assume spares will come shortly.


+1 for hard screen protectors - I use GGS as they're more discreet and don't have the silver border, but ACMAXX has a good reputation too. I used to use plastic film and could never stick it straight, got dust under it, or it'd peel off. The GGS is brilliant, very clear and scratch resistant.


I used the plastic but after just two or three days it warped a bit and came in contact with the screen causing a smeared or bubbled look to part of the screen. Went to the glass GGS and it works great. I cracked one while falling on the rocks, but it saved the lcd from any damage, and they're inexpensive to replace(I buy two at a time). The 3" also fits the XPro1. I think the silver lining gives it kind of a "classy" look!


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I also have the GGS screen on my X100 and it is superb, I have used their screen protectors on other cameras and they are great value for money as well as being sturdy and superb value for money.