Fuji x100 serial number differences - avoid SAB -


So I don't know if this is old news or not, but after a conversation with a Fujifilm tech support specialist, I learned that while only 2% of X100s suffer from the SAB problem, the US repair center has yet to receive any affected cameras recently produced.

He gave me this serial number key to identify recent production models vs. older produced models:
SN that start with 21A are recent, Q1 productions.
SN that start with 14A are older production models.

While no official statement from Fujifilm, the newer 21A models have modified blade assembly that supposedly address the SAB problem.

Some food for thought..



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IIRC, first letter is the year, second leter is the quarter, third letter is the market that the camera was destined to.

Of course, the camera also has an internal serial number which is different from the engraved one, and it also has its day of production stored in every pic. It's all accessible with ExifTool as part of the Fuji Maker Notes.

That way, it was always pretty easy to find out whether a X100 was produced before or after the cutoff date. IIRC, production with new lens assembly cameras startet someday in December 2011.

Also note that there can be a discrepancy between the engraved production quarter and the actual production date. It seems like the cameras receive their engraved serial numbers at a later date, possibly days or weeks after their actual production.


thanks for the info, now I know that my FujXPro-1 bodies, 18 and 35 lenses were made in the 1st quarter of 2012 but my 60 was made in the second quarter