Fuji X100 update details leaked..

Isn't ASA old fashioned, sorta' like f-stops. That's what the guy in the blue shirt at Best Buy told me anyway. :D

But thanks for the link to the site. A couple of very welcome updates from my vantage point. The 1/3 stop ability is huge. Too cool.
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Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Any old school shooter knows what ASA is.
They know what ISO is also but they don't like it.
I knew what ASA was, was temporarily confused when it changed to ISO, but still basically got it in the film era. But I have to confess to only a conceptual understanding of digital ISO, the more I read the more it seems to be a combination of the ACTUAL sensitivity of the sensor and various electronic tricks played with gain and stuff that I really don't get. I saw Andy Westlake explain it in pretty good detail over on DPreview once or twice and SORT of got it while I was reading it, but not nearly enough to really GET it, let along ever be able to explain it to anyone else. Seems like a very different "thing" than in the film days, but is trying to get at the same basic function. And I'm just gonna have to be satisfied with that. Some cameras seem to work well at high ISO and some don't and that's ultimately what I need to know.



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So true, Don. I always want to say ASA. It's kind of like going into a Starbucks and ordering a large coffee vs a "grande".:tongue:

Ray, I think I tried to read that explanation once and my eyes glazed over.... Clearly it's not the same as film speed and I keep having to remind myself that each camera with their different sensor sizes, etc., will have an effect on choosing ISO - at least that is the way it seems to me.
'Couldn't agree more. 'Just having a bit of early morning fun. My "Best Buy Guy" comes from a student that we just graduated. He is alleged to be very much into still as much as video where most of our curriculum resides. He knew I did a lot of still work so he asked me for some advice because his parents were going to spring for a new digital still camera. We discussed the options available based on what I understood he was going to be doing with the camera.
A couple of weeks later he showed up in my office with his new toy. It had more buttons on it than my brother-in-law's AirBus. (He's a Captain for American Airlines.) I asked him about the cameras we had narrowed down together in our meeting. His reply was simple; "I checked with my friend at Best Buy and he said they all sucked." Oh well, so much for another missed teachable moment.
It will always be ASA to me too. I just have to think in a very different language when I teach. Now about that Rodinal.
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