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I had a choice. Go for a used X100F, or a new 85mm f/1.8 for the sony A7M2. I chose the lens. However, I get a slight pang in the belly when I see shots like these and wonder................!
Does swapping out gear count as a GAS attack? I swapped a couple of lenses I seldom use and a reasonably small amount of cash with the KEH folks and got an X100F. It was a bit of a trying experience but the copy I got is in exceptional condition.
I've had a couple of X100 incarnations before but they didn't "click" with me. However, the "F" and I are getting along just fine.
Here are a couple of test shots from the afternoon.
. . . David
X100F Test Shots-6.jpg

X100F Test Shots-5.jpg

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