Fuji X100S & Fireworks


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Peter Tachauer
Took the family into London on Saturday to watch the tail end of the Lord Mayors Parade and then fireworks on the River Thames. I had the Canon 6D with 70-300L lens for fireworks and the X100S for street stuff. Wish I had used the X100S more for the fireworks, it seemed to cope much better. I took just a handful with the Fuji, and scores with the Canon.

Anyways, this is the best of a small bunch of the Fuji Fireworks,


Lord Mayors Show Fireworks by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr


your canon set up would have done just fine. the x100s would have yielded the same results if you shot at the same settings. stopping down and longer shutterspeeds would have done the trick.