Fuji x100s vs. x20


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Feb 15, 2013
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since these two cameras haven't been out yet for full reviews, i was wondering which of these two would be better for a trip through Europe. I know there's a huge price difference but i've been researching the pros and cons so far with what is known. the x20 can shoot at a wider angle since it can go to 28 mm and it can of course zoom. It also has a higher iso. it also has a faster autofocus. it's also lighter and shoots better macros as well. from what i've read, the x100s is better because of the full size sensor so it can capture more detail. what else about the x100s would make it more desirable than the x20?


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Jan 21, 2011
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William, in my simplistic mind: the X20 is all about flexibility, while the X1100s is about image quality. If I were forced to choose one for a trip, I'd likely opt for flexibility, recognizing that the X20's image quality is "good enough".

Right now, I'm using the X100 and X10 as my primary cameras, and it's so hard for me to decide which to take with me that I have opted to carry both of them in a two compartment sling pack. I'm trying to force myself to use the X100 as the primary, but there are sometimes when I'm faced with a situation where the X10 zoom is going to give me a better result than a severe crop of an X100 image. So....out comes the X10.


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Jul 7, 2010
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Hmm, I don't feel competent to answer this. I have their precursors...and if I had to choose one to take and knew I'd be going inside buildings I might lean towards the wider angle of the X10, however...as I'm typing this, I'm thinking that really my X100 would have been the one to bring because it's so great in low light.

Perhaps you might consider where you're going and whether or not you can use your feet to back up or move forward? Of course in ye olden days, a 35mm lens was pretty much the lens that was used.

By the way, I don't think I've "met" you before, william so I'll say :Welcome: and see if you've stopped in over in our https://www.fujixspot.com/forumdisplay.php?2-Welcomes-and-Introductions yet, too.

No doubt others will have more to say as the evening/day goes on. Lucky you for your upcoming trip!

P.S. Oops, I see that Chuck and I were both writing at the same time - and we both have the same cameras.:wink_old:


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Jun 20, 2012
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I guess it depends on a few things...

1. How often do you zoom? Some people don't do it much, so if it's rare for you then I would say the 35mm equiv width of the X100s (and especially if you got the wide angle adaptor) is wide enough. If you find yourself zooming a lot, nevermind.
2. How much better to YOU do the X100s pics look? I can see a difference, and it helps me feel better about the lack of lens flexibility on my X100. That bigger sensor really is magical for me.

Either of those issues could decide it for you, given a strong response one way or the other.


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Jan 11, 2011
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When I took only the X100 and X10 to a trip, it was great to not have to change lenses. I found myself using the X10 about 80-90% of the time. The X10's versatility was the primary reason. The image quality was good enough for the purposes especially with its fairly fast lens even at the long end. So if I had to choose between the X20 and X100S for the next trip, I'd go for the X20.


The appeal of the X10 is that it's a jack of all trades. It does a lot of stuff well but isn't the BEST at any of them. Of course when I am out wandering around that is exactly what I want and to be frank the IQ of the X10 is pretty darned good. Most folks would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the X10 and a "better" camera in a lot of situations. The X20 I assume would be the same. In the end it comes down to what you value.


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Aug 7, 2011
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I vote the X20. I say this because, on my last trip to Paris, 35mm simply wasn't wide enough. I almost never required telephoto and often required 28mm. This was particularly the case for landmarks. For urban street scenes, 35mm was fine. Go for versatility.

Amin Sabet

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Jul 3, 2010
The X100S gives you overall better image quality, better low light performance, and the ability to use a more shallow depth of field when shooting wide angle. It also gives you a better eye level viewfinder. I think I'd choose it over the X20 for my trip through Europe, but it would be a hard decision.

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Nov 8, 2012
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I agree with Amin, though I just bought a used X100 instead of a new X20. If I were going to Europe, though, I'd want a choice of focal lengths; I imagine you'd want at least a 28mm equivalent for some architectural shots. Ya know, they have all that architecture in Europe.:D In my case, the Olympus E-M5 would be my main shooter. I'd probably walk around with the E-M5 around my neck, and the X100 in a case on my hip, looking the slightly elderly tourist from the states that I'd be.

Enjoy your trip -- and your camera, whatever you decide on.


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Jan 21, 2011
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Not to be forgotten in this discussion is the option to add the WCL-100 wide conversion lens to the X100 (and, I believe, the X100s), making it into a very competent 28mm camera. Definitely bulkier, but still fun to use.


Dec 21, 2011
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For me, my next big trip will be the X100s and WCL.I much prefer the wide view to the long view and for the very few macros I might be tempted to take, the X100s is more than sufficient.I recognize there will be shots I will miss but it will just make me be more creative with what I've got.I really can't wait to take a trip with a pared down kit like this instead of a case full of two bodies and a bunch of lenses.


I vote the X20. I say this because, on my last trip to Paris, 35mm simply wasn't wide enough. I almost never required telephoto and often required 28mm. This was particularly the case for landmarks. For urban street scenes, 35mm was fine. Go for versatility.
I had to think on this one but I am inclined to agree with Biro. The wider angle really helps in cities. And I am sure you will be able to make great shots with the X20 too. Bottom line: feel the cameras, take some shots yourself and compare them. Then choose what you like.

Good luck in making a decision!

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