Fuji X100S - "why so heavy?"


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Jan 11, 2016
This was a question I got from my brother-in-law when he saw my X100S (and got excited). But, he meant with modern technique it should be possible to build lighter.

I got stunned - interesting question from a person not being a photographer - anyone can comment?

I know a light camera increases risk for shivering and have no problem with the weight. The weight equals about the density of water and looking on the dismantled X100 (link below), we see many parts are heavier then water and the interior seems not to be much of free space!

Taking Apart the Fuji X100 | New York Photography Blog


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
Using metals for the chassis instead of plastic, like on cheap point-n-shoot cameras, contributes to it. A bright f2 max aperture means more glass, even though some of it is buried inside the body -- that hides how much glass there is on the X100, really. Glass is heavy. Add to that the increased electronics required to run an APS-C sensor with a fast buffer time, and the additional ports on the sides that cheap cameras don't have and.... it weighs what it should.

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