Fuji X20: I am happy with my gear, I am happy with my gear, I am happy with my gear...


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you know it makes sense.....

I have just bought an x20 from london camera exchange in derby, will be putting my other fuji's into storage while i get to grips with my newbie so will keep you posted...


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Impressions after my first hour with the X20 are positive but if you upgrade from the X10 just to improve IQ you might be disappointed.
Resolution is definitely better ( just a little ) but the noise processing is letting it down by making images rather smeary.
In truth it's not that much different to the X10's handling in poor light but still a poor result for an updated camera.
A setting of NR -2 is helpful and also improves resolution so that will be my default.

Focusing is very snappy and the new finder suits me just fine.
Very early days to make an assessment and I have no idea how DR compares but focusing speed and sharpness are better than I expected and it's a beautiful package.

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Sometime in the next couple of hours I'm going to be the happy recipient of a brand spanking new black X20. Come on UPS!!

I know you're happy with your gear, but you'd be so much happier with a new X20. I just know it.


There are a few minor problems with the X20 that hopefully Fuji will address with a Firmware update, but this is the most fun camera I have ever owned.


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I would never see it as an m43 replacement, although depending on how limited a set of lenses you use with m43, maybe it'd be something to look into. But I seriously doubt the sensor will be competitive with those in the new Olympus bodies. As an RX100 replacement, I'd be surprised if the X20 sensor will beat the RX100, but if it comes close to being as good, its a much different camera and might be worth consideration depending on your preferences. I personally didn't like the RX100 and loved the X10 and would love the X20 (although probably not as much as the LX7). It'll have a much faster lens than the RX100 except at the widest settings, and its a much much MUCH more tactilely pleasing camera to shoot with if you like making adjustments on the fly. This is purely my opinion of course, but its a pretty strong one...


Nah Ray it's not just YOUR opinion .... it's mine too... took me all of ten seconds of holding an RX100 to dislike the thing ... wouldn't want one if you offered it me for free. I am the type who likes, buttons and dials and , as you put it so nicely, to change things on the fly.

No no RX100 here thank you very much.


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not only doesnt beat m4/3 or rx100, imo it doesnt come close to beating its predecessor the x10! (i had both). as one who sold his x10 in favor of the x20, i was so horribly disappointed i sold it within the first month. of the literally scores of cameras ive owned it was the single most disappointing in terms of results.


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I don't own one but I've used one. It's a nice camera.

I was surprised by how good the OVF is - it's probably the best in it's class.

Is there any way you could take one for a test drive?

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John ...
I stepped backwards and bought a 2012 Olympus E-PM2 to go with my 14-42 EZ collapsible zoom lens and JJC auto-opening lens cap for AUD$ 125. Add about AUD$ 50 for a car charger and additional batteries.

The same nice Sony 16 MPx sensor as the E-M5 MkI, and really crappy IBIS. Weighs ~360 gms (with lens, etc). Fits in a polo shirt pocket, doesn't pull my tracksuit pants down ...

Of course, it takes all my other mFTs, FTs and OM lenses as well.