Fuji X20 optical viewfinder performance?


Feb 8, 2013
Now that the first units are sold, folks discuss image quality of the brandnew X20 versus the X10. It's about the EXR versus the X-Trans and about improved out-of-camera jpeg. However, to me the image quality of both cameras seems to be very good.

But what about the improved optical viewfinder of the X20? How does it perform in daily shooting? Is it worth heading for the X20 instead of getting along with the X10?

Finn McCool

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Feb 2, 2013
My favorite photographer blogger is Ming Thien http://blog.mingthein.com
He has an X20 on order and has commented about it in his recent recommended gear post:

"Handled it [X20] again today; was at my dealer and he said local stock arrived yesterday. Nearly bought it. Didn’t, because I know I’m getting a long term loaner. But the finder really does make a difference for me – and AF is positively brisk. On par with or faster than the OM-D, in my opinion. Test files I’m looking at now are pretty good with the latest version of ACR, too." I'm waiting for a full review, but so far so good...


Aug 15, 2011
+1 on Mings reviews as a real world photog. Looks like the beginnings of another nice Fuji, Its so great that Fuji seems to really listen to customers and then makes changes for product improvement. Will also continue reading with interest on the new X20 as I sold my x10 in anticipation of the coming X20.



Dec 26, 2012
So far most of the comments about the X20 that I have seen are about the image quality and AF speed. The image quality comments seem to be "about like the X10" and the AF speed "much better".


Feb 8, 2013
Well, I wouldn't call the 6 mp modes silly, just because the EXR sensors follow a non-mainstream approach. However, exposure and focus information in the OVF has proved to be useful in past analog cameras.

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