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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
I have been to Tennessee several times, hoping to see/photograph a bear in the wild. Never has happened. But several times I've had friends go to the same locations just a few days later and see bears. :doh:
My daughter and I encountered a bear a few years ago while hiking together, in the same spot where I was yesterday, at that. As we rounded a bend, I saw it up on its back legs, sniffing the air and watching us. Before I could even pull out the camera, it had dropped to all fours and sprinted down the trail, then made a quick 90 and down the hillside into the undergrowth. Probably a good thing it went the other way, as it stood about 8 feet on its hind legs and looked to be at least 300 pounds. I visit that state forest many times a year, and have never gotten a clear view of one again, yet a guy at work goes to the same place and brings back photos and videos of bears taken with his cell phone! I need to send some of Andy's fleas his way.

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