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Lovely day today here in the PNW ;)

Here's a weather experiment -- I hope to get a handle on IR in all kinds of conditions -- taken across the holler during a moderate rain shower. It seems, though I cannot prove it, that infrared cuts through the clouds and rain better than visible light does. The far hillside was as dark as the foreground in visible light, but seems sunlit in the picture. Strange, huh.

I actually had to bring the highlights down a bit in post.


I have to say -- some of these look like medieval Japanese wall hangings, don't they.
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Today was the most beautiful day since creation -- sunny, with puffy fair-weather clouds, low humidity, about 70 degrees. On the way home from the grocery store I decided to stop by the Stewart, Ohio, town cemetery. Had the IR-converted X-E2 and the 14mm f2.8 (or as i like to call it, normal) lens. and among the pictures I made was this, of the grave of town artist and poet and crackpot (in the best sense of the word) Charles Byron. The epitaph above his name is interesting. But he was an interesting guy. Made a few other pictures there, too.

I should note, in case it is of interest (and in hope it is of interest!) that there are now both a gallery and a gear discussion devoted to infrared and ultraviolet photography, so others and I will be posting and discussing there. Hope a lot of Fujians take part -- it's fascinating and fun.

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