Fuji XF18-55 Aperture after updating firmware


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Hi all,

I just got my X-E1 last night with the XF18-55 lens as a kit, I played around with it a bit, everything is brilliant, then updated the camera and lens firmwares as per Fuji's website, Ver 2.00 for the Body, Ver 3.00 for the Lens.

Now I'm fairly new to playing around with manual settings, but I've found that after updating the firmware, I'm not able to properly adjust the aperture on the lens.

ISO Auto, Shutter Speed Auto, Aperture manual
The F value shown on my LCD is F4.0 or F4.5, if it's at F4.0, one click left, no change, second click left, F4.5, third click left, no change, fourth click left, back to F4.0. It's the same if I click to the right. Sometimes it's 5.0 or 5.6 (which is out of the range for this lens). It doesn't matter if I'm zoomed all the way in or out, the F value only switches between F4.0 and F4.5 or F5.0 and F5.6, I don't even know how to get to the values, they change each time I turn the camera on, but will stay the same for the entire time the camera is on, regardless of how far the lens is extended.

The only time the aperture changes outside of this range is if I set the aperture to auto, but that kinda defeats the purpose of me learning to use my camera in manual mode.

Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else come across this? Any suggestions for a fix?

Thanks for any help you can provide


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flumoxed. Have tried to replicate your issue but cannot. Sorry mate, hope it comes good as it is a cracking good lens/


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Thanks petach, I brought the camera and lens back to the store, my lens was acting up on their camera body as well, and their lens worked perfectly on my camera body, so the problem is with the firmware on the lens, which is aggravating. They didn't have any replacement lenses in stock so they put me in touch with Fuji NZ who says that they've never encountered the problem, but they'll research it more and get in touch with me, we'll see how it goes =(

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